Emmanuel Gardin has leitmotiv of "metamorphosis".

After various collaborations in several fields such as ceramics for "Royal Boch" or "Serax", or the slow design with "Charles Kaisin", he also experimented other approaches: the set design for "Chine Collection," Architecture at office «Zest", the border between design and art with "Charles Kaisin".

What motivated the birth of his own studio is "being able to devote time to research and design modular objects for the home. I like to implement simple mechanical methods to distort and change the raw material into clever furnitures that can be use in different ways and meet the practical needs of everyday life".

Among the objects most emblematic and representative of his work, we found the collection RECTO VERSO or the light KINO, condensed of simplicity and sustainability.

Emmanuel Gardin's metamorphic vision induces creations with different uses or different appearances. "If an object can replace two other then it will be more suited to our needs and our over-consumption will slow significantly".


 Permanent Collections

"les Jardins du Fleuriste", Belgium (WIDEVIEW original collection pieces, 2007)

Label de l'Observeur du design 2014 (KINO)

Red Dot design award - Honorable mention (RECTO VERSO)
oh! Gold design award innovation winter 2011/12  (RECTO VERSO CT1)

Boost up Award 2011 (RECTO VERSO) collection
Make me! design award Lodz (RECTO VERSO)

Design at work award 09 (RECTO VERSO)

Parckdesign public winner (WIDEVIEW) 



2017 - 18
«From Belgium with light» - Mons (Belgium) from 19th  November 2017 to 25th  February 2018

«Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus» - Hanau (Germany) from 25th  September 2014 to 25th  January
«Design Flanders Gallery» - Brussels (Belgium) from 21st  May to 23rd  August
«RECIPROCITY Design» - Liege (Belgium) from 1st October to 1st  November

«Design September» - Brussels (Belgium) 
«Upside» - Liege (Belgium)
«Cité des sciences» - Paris (France) from 23rd March to 15th September
«La matière des nuages» Paris (France) from 30th April to 25th May
«Tendance Habitat» - Lille (France) from 14th to 16th March
«Design Reservoir» - Mons (Belgium) from 1st to 9th February
«Maison & Objet» - Paris (France) from 24th to 28th January

 «Cité des sciences» - Paris (France) from 29th november 2013 to 23rd March 2014
 «Tales of Heroes» - Hong Kong (China) from 02nd to 07th December
 «Mube» - Sao Paulo (Brazil) from 08 September to 11th October
 «Maison & Objet» - Paris (France) from 06 to 10th September
 «Triennale» - Milan (Italy) from 09th to 14th April
 «Bois & Habitat» - Namur (Belgium) from 21st to 24th March

«Interieur» - Kortrijk (Belgium) from 20th to 28th October
«Belgian Design on Tour» - Liege (Belgium) from 05th to 28th October
«Memorabilia» - Liege (Belgium) from 05th to 28th October
«Design tour 2012» - Bordeaux, Lyon, Montpellier, Marseille (France) from October to December
«Generation Design» - Paris (France) from 11th au 30th September
«Salone Satellite» - Milan (Italy) from 18th to 22nd April
«Artival» - Liège (Belgium) from 22nd mars to 01st April
«Maison & Objet» - Paris (France) from 20th to 24th January

«Decooh» - Brussels (Belgique) from 04th to 07th September
«Salone Satellite» - Milan (Italy) from 12th to 17th april
«Dialogues Bangkok Art and Culture Centre» - Bangkok (Thaïland) from 27th January to 13th March

«White Hôtel» - Brussels (Belgium) "Room 12" 3 years installation
«Make Me» - Lodz (Poland) from 14th to 30th October
«Au fil des bancs» - Liege (Belgium) from 01st to 31st October
«INTERIEUR 2010» - Kortrijk (Belgium) from 15th to 24th October
«Design september» - Brussels (Belgium) from 01st to 30th September
«Salone Satellite» - Milan (Italy) from 13th to 19th April

«Design at Work» - Kortrijk (Belgium) from 8th to 10th december
«Forum des entrepreneurs» - Liege (Belgium) from 21st to 24th October
«Design september» - Brussels (Belgium) from 01st to 30th September
«50 Success stories Design / Entreprise en Wallonie» - Liege (Belgium)

 «Cocoon» - Brussels (Belgium)
 «Chokuegambo» - Liege (Belgium)

 «Parckdesign 2007» - Brussels (Belgium) permanent exhibition